Conversing About The Other

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Documentation of conversation #1 with Kinly Grey.

“When two persons converse about the other, to what reality do their discourses in fact refer? Probably, a reality that is not the same because the other to whom they allude is for each of them a part of themselves.” (Luce Irigaray 2012)

Other. Otherness. The Other. Words that are used so often that they seem to no longer really hold meaning. And yet we connect with them. Disconnect with them. 

During my time as Artist in Residence at Metro Arts I am working to better understand these terms, why I have always identified with them, how I engage with them while still remaining aware of my position(s) of privilege, and whether, while they are so often understood as negative, can they and are they embraced as a positive strategy for change? 

In order to open up this conversation, I am inviting a selection of Brisbane-based artists to lead discussions on these terms and/or ideas. This is an ongoing project.

Conversation #1 lead by Kinly Grey

Conversation #2 lead by Chantal Fraser

Conversation #3 lead by Loren Britton

Conversation #4 lead by Athen Thebus