Courtney Coombs makes art, writes, facilitates and collaborates to try to make sense of the world and their place in it. They are fascinated by the potential for, and power of, connection and disconnection. Adopting an array of materials and approaches, Courtney presents subjective, vulnerable, and earnest moments, often employing found objects and metaphor to prompt different ways of seeing, understanding and being. By responding to the cis-heteronormative, patriarchal, and neoliberal structures of both the art world and society more broadly with somewhat ambiguous gestures and propositions, they hope to disrupt dominant narratives, prompting conversation, reflection, and a celebration of difference.

Courtney was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (practice-based research) from QUT in 2015. They have exhibited throughout Australia as well as internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Recent solo exhibitions include: The time of light, Metro Arts, Brisbane; Field of Vision, IMA Belltower, Brisbane; Sometimes it's the little things Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane; Drifting, Casa Lu, Mexico City (2018); Building Bridges, Wreckers Artspace, Brisbane (2018); Looking Out, Metro Arts, Brisbane (2016); Urban Strolling, Cut Thumb ARI, Brisbane (2016); It's Complicated, Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane (2014); In Pursuit of Magic, Bus Projects, Melbourne (2014); Wish you were here, Rojitohito, Tokyo (2012); The sum of all things? QUT Art Museum, Brisbane (2012); I fucking love you, Metro Arts, Brisbane (2011). They have been the recipient of a number of awards including: Australia Council for the Arts Development Grant (2018, 2017, 2016), Arts Queensland Queensland Arts Showcase Program Grant (2016), Australia Council for the Arts Arts Projects Grant (2016), Arts Queensland Individuals Fund Grant (2015), Australia Council for the Arts Early Career New Work Grant (2013). Courtney has attended a number of national and international residency programs and was recently awarded the Australia Council for the Arts Helsinki International Artist Programme residency (2020). Their work is held in public and private collections.